We are changing the way we do printing. We are moving over to a printing solution that is through our copier company. 

To print choose the printer called "PSD Copier". When you hit print you will be prompted for a code. We encourage you to use your phone extension number to have a unique code. 

On the copier hit the CentraQ button. 

If you dont see it you may need to hit the Application button on the left side of the keypad.

Once CentraQ starts you will see a prompt for you to enter your pin. 

After you enter your pin number hit the Next button. 

You will see your job list. 

Touch the job you want to print (it will be highlighted)

You have 3 options. 

Delete will delete that job

Print only will print that job and keep it in the queue. 

Release will print the job and delete it from the queue.

You will be able to print to any of the copiers that are set up for CentraQ. 

PES - 2 copiers in the PIE room

PMS - 19, PIE room, and Library

PHS - Teachers Lounge and room behind Counselors Office

Admin building